" ...she was either wildly naive,
   or dangerously intelligent."

     " ...she was either wildly naive,
                         or dangerously intelligent."


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Maternity, Session

July 27, 2016

Lindsey & Will | Maternity

Where do I start with these two? I love them. As simple as that. Apparently, we went to middle school and high school together and had some of the same friends, but never seemed to run into one another. It just so happens, they decided to venture out to the country a couple of years ago and settled on building a house(!!!). Little did they know, they’d be stuck with us for neighbors. 🙂 We immediately grew to love them and I can’t picture anyone else I’d rather have as my neighbor. Who else is there to drink wine with, play card games, and build fires with?

We knew pretty soon after meeting them they were looking to start a family and we were ecstatic for them. They avoided us for days after they found out so that they could tell their families first, but I had a hunch already. But when they officially told us, all I knew was I wanted to them have a girl! We had just had Ella so what better than for them to have a girl, too? Who wouldn’t want a built in best friend as a neighbor? That’s how I spent my childhood!

We celebrated little Bryn Leigh Buck Winter (best name ever!) the week before her arrival. We only had to beg Will a couple of times to keep taking pictures with us. 😉 These two are a gorgeous couple with an even more GORGEOUS, sweet baby girl. They’ve got this parenting thing down pat pretty well and Bryn is so lucky to have them as parents! I can’t wait to watch their family grow over the years! 🙂

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