" ...she was either wildly naive,
   or dangerously intelligent."

     " ...she was either wildly naive,
                         or dangerously intelligent."


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May 6, 2017

And we’re having….. | Pregnancy

So we found out April 13th what we were having and as it turns out we’re having two BOYS! ­čÖé We were eager for either a boy/girl or boy/boy combo. Honestly, we would have been grateful for whatever we got as long as they are┬áhealthy, but let’s be real… another girl with another attitude at only 1.5 years old and we might just cringe! But nonetheless, we’re excited and grateful!

We’ve decided upon names for the most part and I’m sure we will probably stick with them this point forward, but we will be calling our dear boys Titus and Nash. Titus will take over my dads nickname Mace for his middle name and Nash will take over his Pops’ middle name Hershell.

19 week belly!

20 week belly!

Kyptan is beyond thrilled at having two brothers whereas Ella honestly has no idea. She can point to my belly and say “baby” but that is about as far as we get.

As far as feeling better – life has certainly gotten a little bit better, but it is still not my norm. I get exhausted easily and more often than not am frustrated with my own lack of reliability, motivation, and drive. Both of my businesses have taken a backseat, but such is life. This is a season and I’m trying to embrace it, but I know I can’t wait to have a little back of normalcy back and I know that Nick is eager for that to return as well. Heck, at least I do better cleaning the house again. ­čśë

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