" ...she was either wildly naive,
   or dangerously intelligent."

     " ...she was either wildly naive,
                         or dangerously intelligent."


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November 3, 2017

Our New Normal! | Personal

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in the realm of blogging, whether it be a photoshoot or in relation to our “new life”, but I figured it was time for an update thanks to an old friend I ran into a couple of weeks ago! So, here’s to the beginning of the new life of the Weaver’s!

We’re now a family of SIX! That’s so strange to say but also so refreshing. The twins made their way perfectly into our lives and hearts. That sounds so cheesy, but it’s so true! They are (for the most part) absolutely awesome little babies. Their personalities are starting to come through as well! We’ve got Titus, the calm, cool, and collected one and then there’s Nash, who makes his presence known in any regard. Both so different, but so cute! I’ll have to write about their entrance into this world and our lives one day.

I’ve been lucky to have my mom come over every morning during the week to help with getting Kyptan to school and starting off the day with Ella & the boys. I’d be lost without her! I have nothing but the utmost respect for any mom who juggles all of this. Not to mention, I’m going back to work next week (only 1-2 days per week!) and it’s going to be an interesting change yet again.

Here’s to enjoying this season of life and all that comes with it!

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